DIY Batman Grappling Style Rubberband Gun that Fires 3 Shots

i will post the long video & detail info tomorrow, bookmark this page.
- 4mm plywood
- cutting tools or CNC (X-Carve)
- wood glue or pva glue
- rubberband
- sandpaper
- short screws
- buy batman plastic toy gun from amazon
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Mortal Kombat Saibot/Sub Zero Mask DIY (PDF template)

how to make Mortal Kombat mask?

this is a 2-in-1 Saibot x Sub Zero mask template, if you interested in making Scorpion Mask click here

items: read my items page
- mounting board or cereal box
- hot glue gun:
- pva white glue
- plastic mesh (filter)
- wall paint (i used white) or gesso:
- primer spray (grey)
- black & blue spray paint